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Ellijay, North Georgia

June 12, 2008

A modern Mountain Home listing for only: $240,00

There’s a site I search occasionally which lists modern homes around the country: sellmodern.

I don’t usually like the 50’s retro modern homes, but I do like the new constructions which take their inspiration from these homes but have updated the style for this generation. Usually this means higher ceilings, less wood paneling, no carpeting or tile, plus great fixtures, appliances, and green products.

I found a great set of new constructions like this for extremely affordable prices. The catch? You have to live in North Georgia. First of all it’s Georgia. Second, the nearest city Atlanta, is 1 1/2 hours and nearly 80 miles away.

That being said, a home here would be in the beautiful forested wilderness. Imagine a fabulous totally new home with beautiful vistas at an amazingly cheap price. So you have to spend more time with family. All of your time. Work remotely, or don’t work. No more eating out, but plenty of time to learn all sorts of recipes.

Actually I think I could get used to the isolation, but the thing that really gets me is the humidity and the bugs.

For more info, visit the website of the development.


8 St. Felix Street, Brooklyn, NY (Ft Greene)

June 1, 2008

Listed at: $1,590,000

All my friends who live in NY live in Williamsburg, and they all SAY that the newest ‘hot’ place to live is Ft Greene. So I took a look at the listings there to see what was available. Living in NYC has some great aspects. The excitement of the city always pumps me up and makes me happy to be alive. You feel the pulse of the world there. I’m always vaguely jealous when someone says they live there, even though I was the one who chose to move away. And when I’m back I feel as though I’m always interviewing the city to determine if I want to come back. I think that’s the thing – you can never really get over it; I continue to feel it’s draw.

Also good is that both my family and most of my husband’s live there. And lots of our friends, too. On the down side, schools are bad, the weather is only alright (I much prefer the always-beautiful weather or SF or the thrilling colors of the Fall in Boston), and it is surprisingly dirty. A search for my home criteria in Manhattan yields homes from 11-18 million and skyrocketing up from there. Brooklyn is at least somewhat more reasonable.

Here’s the best I saw in Ft Greene. A renovated Carriage house.


I love the exterior, although that pole is a shame.

One floor appears to be a ‘studio/office’ while the other is living space. I like the options that gives, plus a large open space is always great:


250 feet from an Emergency Room entrance. Yeah, seriously.

Some of the fixtures and treatments, such as the windows in the picture below, look a bit too 80’s:

Here’s the listing for more info:

By the way, I just found another renovated ‘reclaimed’ home in my neighborhood in SF.¬† Only¬† $6.375 million dollars! Lust away: