check out sproost

Sproost just launched.  It’s a very cool interior design site from my friends Melissa, Ryan and Chad.

I took the quiz and found out I was 50% cottage chic with 25% french eclectic and 25% vintage modern.

While being labeled ‘cottage chic’ kinda freaks me out, I can see how I got that label.  I’m only 50% that, and I can see how my style can be that plus a heavy dose of the other two.  I think it makes sense.

Here are some recent pics from my home. I guess the labels fit, huh!

Sproost – make me a place to upload pics and share ideas with other people with similar taste to mine!

I just put up those blik sticker tiles. I would love to redo this kitchen, but for now I am just trying to make it fun!

recently replaced that mirror with some custom art

real life at our house includes toys as accessories!

I found this antique table at a consignment shop in NH. score.

I recently completed a redo of our bathroom (painting,chair rail, new shelving etc) I will post pics soon.

I’ve also got a new blik installation on the staircase, our 3rd floor office, a redo of Luka’s room and our bedroom. I will post pics to those sometime too.


One Response to “check out sproost”

  1. melissa Says:

    hey abby! your place is awesome – I am so impressed with your mix of furnishings and love how warm and cozy it feels! and I am so glad to see that sproost got your style right 🙂 – those three styles work so well together (as evidenced by what you’ve done with your place!) and they play so well with the architecture of your house…

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