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Austin, TX (Gypsy Grove)

May 23, 2008

Asking: $639,500

I can’t believe this is still available. I first saw it on April 5. That shows you how slow things are moving, even quality places.

From what I can tell, this price seems a bit high for Austin, but it is one of the nicer ones I’ve seen in the area. Three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and central air.

It is interesting to note that this house is significantly larger than the one I reviewed in SF in my previous post, has more (and larger) bathrooms, a larger and fancier kitchen, all while being HALF the price! Location x 3, as they say.

This is a seriously nice kitchen. I love subway tiles, and the white marble countertops. Glass front cabinets and the huge stove are great too. I think the floor is slate, which I love.

I love the detail in the floor and the large old windows in the bathroom too. Also, more subway tile in the separate bath room:


Well, you can’t see the other bathrooms in any of the photos, so that’s a risk.

Also, I don’t love the paint colors, although that is easy to change.

The ceilings are high but there’s no molding in most of the rooms, which leaves something to be desired:

The front is a little flat and funny looking. I’d give it a B for curb appeal.

I fear that this house borders on Pottery Barn catalog status. But the kitchen and master bath set it apart.

This house is “not in the MLS!” – I found it on craigslist.