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1627 Long Ave, Nashville TN

May 24, 2008

Asking: $309,900

With 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and nearly 2000 square feet, this place is a bargain. Then again, it’s in Tennessee. However I’ve been to Nashville several times and always enjoyed myself. I think it could be a very fun place to live, as long as you can endure humidity.

I like to check out houses in less-expensive-but-still-fun cities like this one. It reminds me that there’s always that option to take work a lot less seriously, cut back on spending (and earning), and still have a really great home in a hip and energetic place.

Like the previous post, I found this back in early April, so it has been on the market awhile.

Very cute bathroom. I like the black walls and the claw foot tub, although those are prettier to look at then they are to use – I’d rather have a huge spa tub. Do they make spa tubs which look like claw foot antiques? They should. I don’t like the tiles on the floor or in the little shower alcove however.

Nice kitchen, nice beamed dining room. Not totally sold on the chandelier but it might be nice in person (or spray painted bright blue).


I don’t have any specific cons, only that I’m not falling all over my self in love with this house.

Overall, a very attractive house for the price.

Found via craigslist. Here’s the listing on Zillow.